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International Conference on Stigma

The International Conference on Stigma is being held November 16, 2018 at Howard University in the Cramton Auditorium located at 2455 6th Street NW Washington, DC from 8:00am-5:00pm. NOBCO will be screening the film 90 Days and Phill Wilson President and CEO of the Black Aids Institute will be moderating a talk back after the screening. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for the registration link.

What’s the Deal with the 5G Effect?

This past Thursday, we participated in a conversation about 5G at the invitation of our partners at CTIA. They work to keep us informed on what's happening in the rapidly advancing world of tech. CTIA convened what turned out to be a robust discussion on the current state of tech progression. We participated via livestream video as panelists talked about spectrum, 5G, broadband, small cells and a lot more. This discussion was moderated by Mike Dano, editor-in-chief at Fierce Wireless along with two guests, Asha Keddy, Vice President and General Manager of Next Generation and Standards at Intel Corporation, Scott Bergman, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs at CTIA. We have been liv

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