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Why National HIV Testing Day is Important

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. We, as a nation, have made great strides in the battle against HIV/AIDS since the 1980's, but there is still plenty of misinformation and stigma surrounding this disease. The number one stigma facing HIV is the stereotype that it only affects the LGBTQ+ community. This assessment is flat out wrong and harmful. While Black, Hispanic, and White homosexuals are the most affected subpopulations in America, HIV can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time regardless of their race, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation. The most common way HIV spreads is through unprotected sexual contact, meaning if you have ever had unprotected sex or sexual contact with s

Building an LBGTQ+ Inclusive Workplace

As the world struggles to adapt to a more global, diverse workplace, many businesses have begun stressing inclusivity among coworkers. Being respectful of one's religion, race, nationality, and socioeconomic background is at the utmost importance today. While most workers understand the differences among their coworkers, differences in gender, sexuality, and sex identification are a more contemporary problem and leave many confused. Creating an LBGTQ+ inclusive environment can prove difficult at times, but steps can be made to achieve a more perfect workplace. Community members who seek such an environment attended the D.C. Biz Chat concerning LBGTQ+ in the workplace. Over thirty people from

Capital's Celebration Parade HIV Awareness

According to the Washington Post, Metro ridership went over 800,000 on the day of the Washington Capital's Stanley Cup parade, far more than the typical 612,000 the D.C. Metro receives on any given weekday. Hundreds of thousands of diehard Captial fans came to create a sea of red in the nation's capital in order to witness a once in a lifetime event. For the first time in over two decades, a D.C. area team is a world champion. June has unofficially become Washington Capital's month, but before the confetti fell on our newly crowned champion's head, June had already had one day predestined for an even more important cause. June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. While many, if not all, of the

Statement from NOBCO Executive Director Dr. Helen Holton on National HIV Testing Day #Pact4HIV

Dear NOBCO Colleagues and Friends, National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) is June 27th! On this day, we unite with partners, health departments, and other organizations to raise awareness about the importance of HIV testing and early diagnosis of HIV. Help encourage HIV testing on National HIV Testing Day and every day to ensure people get tested for HIV, know their status, and get linked to care and treatment services. This year’s theme, Test Your Way. Do It Today., is a call to get tested now and a reminder that there are more ways than ever to get an HIV test. In a clinic, from your health care provider, at a testing event, at home, from a local organization—get tested your way today (#DoingI

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