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SCOTUS Decision to End Affirmative Action


June 30, 2023

The National Organization of Black County Officials Expresses Deep Disappointment in Supreme Court's Decision to End Affirmative Action

[Washington, DC] - The National Organization of Black County Officials (NOBCO) is profoundly disappointed by the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court to end affirmative action in the college admissions process. This ruling represents a significant setback in the ongoing pursuit of racial equality and social justice in our society.

Affirmative action has been a critical tool in addressing historical disadvantages faced by underrepresented groups, particularly African Americans, in higher education. By allowing universities to consider race as one of many factors in admissions decisions, affirmative action has played a vital role in creating more diverse and inclusive campuses. It has provided opportunities for individuals who have long been denied equal access to quality education due to systemic racism and discrimination.

Statement from Milli Moto, CEO/Executive Director of NOBCO:

"The Supreme Court's decision to end affirmative action is deeply disheartening. It undermines the progress we have made in advancing educational equity and perpetuates the structural barriers that have hindered the success of marginalized communities. Affirmative action has helped us combat these systemic injustices, and its elimination sends a distressing message that the fight for equal opportunity is no longer a priority. Our fight for equal access to education remains steadfast, and we call upon lawmakers, including our county officials and their local institutions, to seek alternative solutions that promote fairness and opportunity for all."

NOBCO firmly believes that striving for diversity is a moral imperative and its attainment an essential element for a robust and thriving society. The idea of America has long been a catalyst for world change; it is a dream that we mustn’t let die. When educational institutions reflect the diversity of our nation, they foster a richer learning environment that prepares students for a globalized world. Affirmative action has been a mechanism that attempts to level a playing field that, frankly, has never been leveled at all. Its elimination threatens to perpetuate disparities and limit opportunities for underrepresented individuals who want - and simply deserve - a fair chance at what belongs to each and every one of us.

As an organization committed to the welfare and empowerment of Black communities, NOBCO will continue to work tirelessly to promote policies that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. We call upon elected officials, universities, and concerned citizens to join us in seeking alternative solutions that ensure equal access to higher education for all people, irrespective of their racial or ethnic backgrounds.

Now more than ever, we seek to collaborate with like-minded organizations, community leaders, and individuals to ensure that the voices of the underrepresented are heard and that the doors of opportunity remain open to all aspiring students.


About NOBCO:

The National Organization of Black County Officials (NOBCO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the professional development and representation of over 700 Black county officials across the United States of America. NOBCO is dedicated to promoting the interests and representation of black communities through best practices in county governments, networking opportunities, limitless resources and advocacy to support the success and empowerment of its members and affiliates. NOBCO strives to achieve equity, justice, and equal opportunities for all through policy advocacy, community engagement and executive education. For more information contact

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